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As every year, we attend the conference in Dummeldéng (Luxembourg City).

A nice, cozy, hacky conference, on which socializing and IT-Security will not fall short. A mash-up of hackers from all over Europe and some other parts of the world are to be met here.

We are represented with a booth in the main hall, besides the ones of the FluxFingers & level2 hackerspace. From UltiMakers to wireless antennas, from Proxmark's to Geigercounters and much more.

Lots of interesting talks going on here as well. C3L & FVDE will give a lighting talk about running a Tor organization in the next two days.

Stay tuned to this post to get regularly updates on the conference. :)

UPDATE: Please visit our corresponding wiki page in order to get a glimpse of how it looked!
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